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April 4, 2012
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Note: this will be my first 'Seven Mintues in Heaven' style of story.

Well, there went the 'ordinary' day for __y/n__. She was just going to go to the market to get a few
things. Fate was odd today. __y/n__ went down one aisle to pick up (insert favorite food), when a very
good looking brunette with a tint of red haired boy with a strange gravity defining curl sticking out of his
head was cursing another happy looking brunette who had his hands up in defense caught her eye.  She
didn't want to eavesdrop, but they were cute. __y/n__ picked up what she was after then went to the
produce. __y/n__ wasn't paying attention and slipped on some juice on the floor and fell. That wasn't
the worst. Some apples, oranges, and tomatoes fell off the stand and right onto her. The two men
turned and looked at the poor girl on the floor covered in tomato juice. The girl rubbed her head where
an apple hit her.

"Ow, that hurt," __y/n__ mumbled.

"Señorita, are you ok?!" the two men ran to her. __y/n__ blushed and looked up at them. 'Idiot idiot
idiot! Why did this have to happen to me today?!' __y/n__ thought.

"Y-yea, I'm fine," __y/n__ tried to get up but slipped again. She was about to hit the ground again when
both the guys helped her to her feet. "T-thank you." She was embarrassed as hell, but who wouldn't be?  
She just fell and is now covered in tomatoes in front of two really sexy guys.

"Not a problem! Hola, I'm Antonio!" the brunette held out his hand. __y/n__ shook his hand.  Out of
nowhere, he pulled her hand close and licked off the juices. __y/n__ was about to flip when the other
guy smacked Antonio in the head. __y/n__ quickly pulled her hand away.

"Sorry, this idiota flirts with all pretty girls," the guy with the curl stated.

"Aw, you're no fun Lovi," Antonio pouted.

"I told you to not call me that, you tomato bastardo!" the guy screamed.

"Heh, sorry Roma," Antonio smirked. The guy glared at him then turned to __y/n__.

"I'm Romano," his eyes wouldn't meet hers.

"I-I'm __y/n__ __l/n__" Romano blushed a little.

"Oh~ what a lovely name!" Antonio smiled. __y/n__ lightly giggled.

"I need to get home to change, bye!" __y/n__ ran off without anything she came to get.

__y/n__ got home and showered. Sighing as she left the shower, she couldn't stop thinking about
Romano. He didn't seem to be happy at all. Wrapping a towel around her and heading to her room, the
phone went off.

"Huh? Wonder whose calling me," __y/n__ answered, "Hello?"

" __Y/N__!!!!" the girl pushed the phone away from her ears. Damn annoying loud mouth American
friend of hers.

"Hey Alfred. Please, for the love of Holy Rome, STOP YELLING!" __y/n__ yelled in the phone.

"Ow, dude, sorry! Anyway, I'm going to have a party Friday night! Want to come?" Alfred said in a lower
tone but still loud.


"Sweetness! See ya at 8 p.m.!" Alfred hung up. __y/n__ sighed and got dressed.

"I wonder if Antonio and Romano will be there," __y/n__ wondered out loud.

~~ Time skip to Friday morning! Why? You need an outfit, duh! ~~

__y/n__ was out at the mall with Elizabeta and Feliks  to get a nice outfit.

"Now, no skimpy outfits and please, not too much pink!" __y/n__ begged them. She knows how they
can be. Elizabeta and Feliks found a nice (favorite color) dress that wasn't too short or revealing.
__y/n__ went into the dressing room to try it on. It was prefect! __y/n__ got redressed and bought it.
Elizabeta and Feliks took the poor girl to try on shoes next. That took a little longer. __y/n__ couldn't
wear stilettos but flats didn't work either. __y/n__ looked around and found some really cute boots. She
tried them on and it was an agreement: those where it.

~~ Time skip to you walking up to Alfred's house! ~~

__y/n__  knocked on Alfred's door. She could hear the music three blocks away. Antonio was the one
who got the door.

"Hola! I see your friends with Alfred too! Come in!" he moved so __y/n__ could walk in. 'Holy crap! How
many people does Alfred know?!' __y/n__ thought as she looked around.  "I see you noticed all the
people. Si, he does know all these people. Some better then others. We went to school together."

"I see, wow. That's awesome!" __y/n__ said.

"Someone call me?" Gilbert pops up out of nowhere.

"Hey Gil! __y/n__ this is Gilbert!" Antonio smiled.

"Kensesese~ nice to meet you," with that Gilbert was off to the bar.

"Honhonhon~" was all __y/n__ heard before two arms wrapped around her waist. "What is a beautiful
young woman like you doing here all alone?"

"Francis! Hands off by bestie!" Alfred called out from a mass of people. The said man let go and moved
away from __y/n__. She sighed and made her way to Alfred.

"Thanks! That guy was creepy!" Alfred laughs.

"That's Francis, he's a flirt. Never date him!" __y/n__ nodded.
The party was starting to get dull after a few hours.  __y/n__ danced with a few people and had a few
drinks, but was no drunk unlike Gilbert and a few others. She learned their names: Arthur, Ludwig, and
Mathis. She also learned to not hang out with them if they get drunk.

"Hey, let's play 'Seven Minutes in Heaven'!" Alfred called out. Everyone perked up at the thought. All
the guys wrote down their names on a piece of paper and placed it in a hat Alfred stole from Arthur.
__y/n__ just noticed Antonio and Romano in a corner with a blonde short haired cheerful girl. __y/n__'s
heart sunk when she saw Romano blush at something the girl said. She quickly looked away and sat
down on one of Alfred's couches. Alfred got everyone's names (Antonio forced Romano to write and put
his in the hat), and went to __y/n__ first.

"Show 'em how it's done!" Alfred held the hat in her face and winked at her. __y/n__ blushed and feels
around for a bit before pulling out a piece of paper. Alfred snitched it from her then Elizabeta grabbed
the poor girl and shoved her into the closet shutting the door.

"Great, now I don't even know who I'll be with and it's too damn dark to see!" __y/n__ leaned into a
wall and slid down setting herself on the floor. Just then the door was swung open and someone was
shoved in. __y/n__ couldn't see due to the blinding light and she used her hands to cover her eyes with.

"You damn hamburger eating bastardo!" Romano kicked the now shut and locked door. __y/n__
couldn't help but giggle at how cute he was. Romano froze.  "W-whose there?!" __y/n__ could tell he
was nervous.

"Just, me. The girl who slipped and got tomatoes all over her a few does ago at the market," __y/n__
responded looking at the ground blushing.

"Oh right," Romano sat down right on __y/n__'s hand.

"Eck!" __y/n__ pulled her hand away and freaked out Romano.

"What was that?!"

"M-my hand, you sat on it," __y/n__ scoots away a bit.

"Oh," he says dryly. By now, __y/n__ could make out his silhouette. He was just sitting there staring out
into space, but one thing stuck out more; his curl. Curiosity got the best of __y/n__. She reached out
without Romano knowing it and tugged his curl.

"Chigi!" __y/n__ could tell his whole body froze. She blinked and tugged it again. Suddenly, within a
blink of an eye, she was pinned on the floor with Romano's lips on hers. He hand her arms pinned above
her head to keep her from pulling his curl again. The kiss got heated when __y/n__ kissed back. 'What's
wrong with me?! I barely know this guy! Well, at least he's hot,' __y/n__ thought as he released her
arms and began to roam her body. She let out a squeak when his hands brushed against her chest. He
smirked in the kiss and forced __y/n__'s mouth open. She moaned as his tongue glide into her mouth
and felt around. __y/n__'s hands found the bottom of his shirt and ran her hands up his torso. It was his
turn to moan as she felt his body. He wasn't built like Ludwig, but he wasn't 'fat' like Alfred. Romano
was about to run his hand up her shirt when Alfred busted open the door.

"Yo, times up!" he blinked when he saw them. "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING TO MY __Y/N__?!"
Gilbert and Antonio peaked in then grabbed Alfred to keep from jumping on Romano. Romano
detangled himself from __y/n__ and helped her up.

"Yours? Alfred I'm single!" __y/n__ yelled at Alfred. He looked hurt.


"No buts Al," __y/n__ sighed. Romano led her out of the closet by her hand. __y/n__ blushed as he
pulled out of out the house. "Where are we going Romano?"

"To finish what we started," he smirked. "Italians always finishes."

~~ Le week later~~

__y/n__ has been waiting on Romano to call. He said he would after her 'night' with him, but he hasn't
yet. __y/n__ was starting to worry that it was just a one night stand.

"No, h-he must be busy," she thought out loud. The phone suddenly rang causing __y/n__ to nearly
jump out of her skin.


"H-hey, __y/n__," it was Romano and he sounded nervous.

"Oh, hi Romano!" __y/n__ was blushing.

"I-I was wondering, if…ifyouwouldgooutwithmeplease!" Romano rushed.

"Huh? Was that Italian?" she blinked trying to figure out what he said.

"N-no! I-I said," Romano takes a deep breath, "will you please go out with me?"

"Yes!" __y/n__ held back a squeal.
From then on, __y/n__ was never happier. Eventually, Romano proposed to __y/n__ and she said yes.

"Yes, Romano I will. After all, I'm pregnant," __y/n__ giggled. Romano passed out.
"Romano?" He was a
little too happy. So would Feli and Antonio when they find out.

--- The End!
request from :iconmikuruchan20210: I hope you like it!
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otakumapp Mar 22, 2014  New member
Omfg Roma-chan is the father
jadech Oct 12, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
poor Alfred, i feel all but now, PLEASE FORGIVE ME ALFRED, WE CAN STILL BE FRIENDS!!!!!!:please: beg :begging: Put My Foot In My Mouth Put My Foot In My Mouth Put My Foot In My Mouth 
lol. we all friend-zoned alfred. :iconkiralaughplz: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 
sorry. was that too evil? 
jadech Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
no but it's funny!
poor alfred. he was actually going to confess to us after the party! :iconokaymemeplz:
jadech Mar 2, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
well now i feel worse
I'm sowwy! pwease dun hurt me! :iconitalyflagplz:
jadech Mar 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
feel my awesome wrath! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
P: you speek of lies woman. I, ZE AWESOME PRUSSIA, AM MORE AWESOME ZEN YOU!
me: YOU CRA CRA?! ITALY!!!!!
I: Ve~ yes?
me:*looks down at him with scary eyes* who is more awesome?~
I:*wimpers*youareyouareyouare!youarethemostawesomeipromise. PLEASE DON'T HURT MEEHEEHEEHEE!!!!*crying eyes out*
why is there no me in it?! :iconcutepoutplz:
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Goddess-ofMercy Sep 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
"Italians always finish" :iconjapanfanatic: : :iconcomputernosebleedplz: Anyways, Good job!
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