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March 8, 2012
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Pravite Detective!EnglandxReader part 3: the end

It wasn't hard for (name) to figure out who did it. He was there all along, or so she thought. Backing out
of the bathroom, Arthur noticed the fear in her eyes.

"What is it, love? Do you know who could have done it?" Arthur asked. 'It all makes since now! The way
he acted, the flirty attitude, the tea leaf, and he had just taken off muddy shoes! Oh no! I-it was Arthur!'
(name) screamed in her head as she took off down the hallway with Arthur close behind.

"Wait (name) why are you running?!" Arthur asked confused.

"You killed him!"

"Wh-what?!" Arthur grabbed (name)'s hand and pulled her to him abruptly stopping her.
"What in the
bloody hell makes you think I did it?!"

"Just think about it! I'm stupid! You knew I would come to you for help! You knew that I would trust you
and never think you would do it! Why Arthur?! Why did you kill him?!"

"I didn't! I would never want to hurt you! I-I…I bloody well love you!" Arthur gripped her arms holding
her so she couldn't run.

"Y-you love me? That gives you motive to do it!" (name) struggled to get free. A dark chuckle came from
behind Arthur. Arthur and (name)'s eyes both widen as they turn to see a hooded figure at the front
door. Arthur turned pale at the site of the figure.

"N-no, i-it couldn't be!" Arthur let go of (name). "Love, run…"

"Who is that?!" (name) was frozen in place.

"You don't recognize me, love?" the figure had the same accent as Arthur!

"Shut up you bloody fake!" Arthur snapped at the figure.

"How can you call me a fake without calling yourself that?" the man took off his hood. Time nearly
stopped. There were two Arthurs in the room.

"I-impossible! How can there be two of you?!"  (name) was looking from one to the other.

"(name), I guess you could say…he's, how do I put this?" the Arthur (name) had been with was starting
but couldn't find the words.

"He's the so called 'good' half and I'm his 'bad' half, as he put it to me. You see, he found your fiancé
cheating and started having thoughts of killing the man, but he couldn't tell you love," the arthur by the
door smirked.

"Cheating?! There is no way!"

"But it is true, this weak pathetic excuse for a man didn't have the heart to tell you in fear you would
hate him and lose you. His hatred for your fiancé grown until he couldn't take it, so he used a spell to
make the hatred leave. That's where I came in. You see, I AM his hatred for that man. The Arthur you
stand by couldn't kill me, so I escaped," he Arthur by the door started walking towards (name) and

"So you killed him," was all (name) could choke out before tears started to fall.

"I-I'm sorry, I tried to find him, but I didn't know where you lived, but" the 'good' Arthur lunged at the
'bad' one a pinned him to a wall. "I'll be sure and stop him now!" the 'good' Arthur pulled out a pistol
and pointed it at the 'bad' Arthur's head.

"You can't kill me without killing yourself!" the 'bad' Arthur yelled.

"I know," he shot the 'bad' Arthur, but the 'bad' Arthur's body just disappeared.

"Arthur…" he turned to see (name) crying.

"I'm sorry, love," he pointed the gun to his own head. "I thought I was protecting you, but I was wrong,"
with tears in his own eyes, Arthur shot himself.  (name) screamed and fell to her knees sobbing
uncontrollably. Soon, a car was heard parking outside. (name) rushed out only to find Ian, Arthur's
eldest brother there.

"Aye lass, what's wrong," Ian said as he got out of the car. Even if (name) has never met him in person,
she knew he was kin to Arthur by those eyebrows and the sexy green eyes. (name) through herself at
him, luckily he caught the sobbing girl. "Lass?" (name) just pointed at the house. Ian nodded and sat her
in his car. "I'll be right back." With that he walked into the house. Ten minutes later he returned, pale,
and a bit shaken up. (name) has calmed down enough to explain what happened. Ian found it hard to
believe at first, but after thinking about his 'weird' brother, he figured it was possible.

"What do ye' need lass?"

"T-to bury them a-and a place to stay," (name) stumbled over her words. Ian nodded then went off to
bury the poor men. (name) placed flowers on their graves.

"Arthur, I'm not mad at what you did to (fiancé name), but I am pissed at you taking your own life,"
(name) kissed Arthur's grave marker then left with Ian. Ian took her to Arthur's house first. (name)'s
eyes widen as she saw a little boy, who looked almost just like Arthur, ran out to greet Ian.

"Hey ya' Ian!" Peter yelled running to the redhead. "Where is the mean ol' jerk?" (name) was close to
tears. She didn't bother to move or get out of the car.

"Well, he's gone away for a while, ye' goin ta' be livin' with me and tha' lass ov'r there," Ian nodded
towards (name).

"She's pretty!" Peter yelled as he and Ian went back to the car.

Months after everything, Peter had almost nearly healed (name)'s heart. She adopted him as her little
brother. Ian couldn't help but feel he did the right thing, but he is hiding something: he's falling for
(name) just as his brother did. Ian decided it was best to leave it alone. If she wanted to date, she would
let him know. Gilbert and Mathis found it odd that their drinking buddy suddenly showed up less and
hardly talked to them.

"Hey (name)!" Peter ran up to the girl. She was in the kitchen cooking. After all, who wants Scottish
food? Some of it can go head to head with English food and scary the poor boy.  

"Hm, yes Peter?" she hummed.

"When are you going to marry Ian?!" (name) could hear Ian choking on his drink in the living room.

"Uh, what?" (name) looked down at the small boy.

"Ian said that I can't marry you because he's going to!" Peter pouted.

'No wonder Arthur did his best not to strangle the brat,' Ian thought as he entered the kitchen. "He's got
one hell of an imagination, hehe."

"But you sa-"Ian cut Peter off, "bath, NOW!" Peter stomped his foot and walked away. Ian sighed.

"Lass, I was goin' ta' wait a while to tell ye', ye' know, after what all ye' been through," Ian rubbed the
back of his head looking down at the floor. (name) smiled and kissed his cheek.

"Thanks Ian," she went back to cooking. Ian looked shocked but went off the bathe Peter. (name) could
only hope he didn't kill the poor kid. (name) suddenly felt like someone was hugging her. She turned but
no one was there. 'Strange,' she thought. Little did she know that she had an angel watching her.

~~~ (two years later) ~~~

(name) ended up marring Ian, without Peter's approval. After a few months Peter became over excited
and ran up to Ian.

"What?" Ian looked from his newspaper to the boy.

"(name) said I'm going to be an uncle! " Peter yelled flailing his arms around running in circles.  

"Eh?" Ian looked at him weird, until it hit him. "(name)!"

"Yes?" she walked to him looking ever so innocent.

"A-are ye'? Really?" Ian's skin was slightly pale. (name) nodded and Ian passed out.

"Is he ok?" Peter poked Ian's face. (name) giggled.

"He will be."
well, here is the end! it was kinda crappy v_v' I'm so sorry for that! hope you liked the rest of it!
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